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We take care of MVC structures and front-end design
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Skip the fundamental coding of models and controllers in frontend and backend with one-click after designing the database structure for your app.

Master Standards

Complete code follows Joomla! MVC coding standards with comments and tips helping to customize.

Fully compatible

Components built are compatible with the latest Joomla! Version. Also, you can choose the latest supported Joomla versions.

multilingual NEW

Easy to multilingual your components, total Phrases tagged on languages files ready to be translated and localized.

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The high-grade way to begin learning or teaching MVC over Joomla! by view classes and functions with commit, description, tips, and guides.

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Submit your projects before deadline, developing the routine jobs are in a blink after designing the database structure.

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Joomla! standard fields and More will simplify any custom applications.

Group Work

Work with a team become complex when things starving and Overlapping, Components built with MVC professionally for group work.

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You don’t need to be a developer to create a startup component, create a mockup of your client to convince him.

Update Quickly

Developers can easily add pages, fields, and views to any component with a simple update after client feedback easter.

Start Training

Show backend for your client from the first day after installing the built component.

Add Contents NEW

Store content after installing the component right away, let your client busy and developers focus on what matter.

Less HR

Engaging fewer Employees on building any component, Frequently save weeks of routine coding.

Focus on UI/UX

Creative time will be available for UI/UX and design.

Save Money

Add fields and views in Joomla! MVC coding standards quickly without doing any copy/paste, Saving Time.

Team Management

The team won’t engage on the first line of code, Overlapping end when MVC become ready.

Save your time and effort.

Changing on Structure make a Pain in a** .. Head!
Making your Component and Changing will be Faster,
No Headache when client change structure.

We will Make Routine steps for you,so you Focus on Details.

/**  * @version    1.0.0  * @package    com_feedback  * @author     Me (Kill me)  * @copyright  //TODO : oh i don't have time for this  * @license    GNU General Public License version 2 or later; see LICENSE.txt  */defined('_JEXEC') or  die; jimport('joomla.application.component.modellist'); /** * Methods supporting a list of Feedback records. * * @since  1.6 */class FeedbackModelFeeds extends JModelList{/**  * Constructor.  *  * @param   array  $config  An optional associative array of configuration settings.  *  * @see        JController  * @since      1.6  */  public function __construct($config = array())  {    if (empty($config['filter_fields']))    {      $config['filter_fields'] = array(        'id','a.`id`',        'state','a.`state`',        'ordering','a.`ordering`',        'created_by','a.`created_by`',        'modified_by','a.`modified_by`',        'created_time','a.`created_time`',        'feed','a.`feed`',        'replay','a.`replay`'      );    }     parent::__construct($config);  }   /**   * Method to auto-populate the model state.   *   * Note. Calling getState in this method will result in recursion.   *   * @param   string  $ordering   Elements order   * @param   string  $direction  Order direction   *   * @return void   *   * @throws Exception   */  protected function populateState($ordering = null, $direction = null)  {    // Initialise variables.    $app = \JFactory ::getApplication('administrator');     // Load the filter state.    $search = $app->getUserStateFromRequest($this->context . '.filter.search', 'filter_search');    $this->setState('filter.search', $search);     // Load the parameters.    $params = \JComponentHelper ::getParams('com_feedback');    $this->setState('params', $params);     // List state information.    parent::populateState('a.id', 'asc');  }   /**   * Method to get a store id based on model configuration state.   *   * This is necessary because the model is used by the component and   * different modules that might need different sets of data or different   * ordering requirements.   *   * @param   string  $id  A prefix for the store id.   *   * @return   string A store id.   *   * @since    1.6   */  protected function getStoreId($id = '')  {    // Compile the store id.    $id .= ':' . $this->getState('filter.search');    $id .= ':' . $this->getState('filter.state');     return parent::getStoreId($id);  }   /**   * Build an SQL query to load the list data.   *   * @return   JDatabaseQuery   *   * @since    1.6   */  protected function getListQuery()  {    // Create a new query object.    $db    = $this->getDbo();    $query = $db->getQuery(true);     // Select the required fields from the table.    $query->select(      $this->getState(        'list.select', 'DISTINCT a.*'      )    );    $query->from('`#__feedback_feed` AS a');     // Join over the users for the checked out user    $query->select("uc.name AS editor");    $query->join("LEFT", "#__users AS uc ON uc.id=a.checked_out");      //Filtering created_by    $filter_created_by = $this->state->get("filter.created_by");    if ($filter_created_by)    {      $query->where("a.`created_by` = '".$db->escape($filter_created_by)."'");    }     // Add the list ordering clause.    $orderCol  = $this->state->get('list.ordering');    $orderDirn = $this->state->get('list.direction');     if ($orderCol && $orderDirn)    {      $query->order($db->escape($orderCol . ' ' . $orderDirn));    }     return $query;  }   /**   * Get an array of data items   *   * @return mixed Array of data items on success, false on failure.   */  public function getItems()  {    $items = parent::getItems();    foreach ($items as $oneItem) {}     return $items;  }}


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